Volume is named best bookshop in New Zealand

There is no doubt that the kiwis love their awards for different literature accolades and one that was awarded recently was best bookshop in New Zealand. The place that walked away with the title is an independent store in Nelson that is called Volume. This was awarded during the Book Trade Industry Awards which take place on a yearly basis. It’s so important to celebrate not only amazing books but the places that are dedicated to stocking a range of these amazing books.

Volume is found on Church Street and it is owned by Thomas Koed and Stella Chrysostomou who were surprised but very happy with the nod of approval from professionals. The reason why it is believed Volume won this award is because the owners focus on importing books that are generally hard to come by. This makes many people come to the bookshop because they know they are likely to find what they are looking for, even if they have been unable to locate it in other stores or online. They regularly do stock checks to see what other hidden gems they can add to their vast collection.

Koed said they were unsure if this kind of bookshop would work well in Nelson but it clearly has and that is apparent with the army of customers every day, in addition to this recent award. It is quite a small store and has simple but attractive decor. Some more modern bookstores make the mistake of going a little too overboard but Volume have proved that minimisation is definitely best. Volume continues to go from strength to strength but they are not going to change who they are just because of this award. Bookstores clearly still have a large market out there and they will continue to be a big part of daily life in New Zealand.