The Wonky Donkey book sells out due to viral video

What started off as reading an innocent children’s book to her grandson, turned Janice Clark into a laughing mess and it was all captured on video and quickly went viral. The wonky donkey is a picture book by Craig Smith, who is from New Zealand. The tale gets progressively more complicated as the pages go on with a new adjective added to describe the donkey. The Scottish granny found it utterly hilarious and could barely speak by the time she got to the last page which says a long description, using the words spunky, dinky amongst other words. Janice was reading the book outloud to her grandson Archie, who was totally oblivious as to what was so comical.

The author of the book (which is actually based on a song, also by himself) said that since the video has gone viral, demand for the book has gone through the roof. The Wonky Donkey could well earn itself some awards soon if this keeps up. The book is getting so popular that the publisher have been rushed off their feet with the demand to print many more than what they initially anticipated. This just shows how a simple video or any kind of media attention can make the popularity of something boom.

Both the UK and US Amazon has sold out of this book, with the hopes that there will be more delivered soon to satisfy eager customers. It has sold over 1 million copies over the world, although statistics have shown that it is still the most popular in New Zealand and Australia. It’s great that The Wonky Donkey is getting such awesome feedback and it’s all thanks to the Scottish granny, it’s a thoroughly touching story with some much needed humour thrown in. A funny book can brighten up a child’s (and adults) day!