The Auckland Writers Festival 2018

Every year, New Zealand likes to celebrate authors, both their own and those that are from other countries and globally known. The event always proves to be a big hit with laughter, fun and something valuable that everybody can take away from it. The Auckland Writers Festival is the largest literary celebration in the country, so it’s one that should be in your calendar. This year, it has already been, taking place from May 15th to May 20th and it proved as popular as ever.

Over 160 of the best writers in the world showed up at the event this year. These figures speak for themselves as regards the popularity of this event. Some of the stars of the show included Jane Harper, Alex Miller, Karen Joy Fowley and more. So what exactly went on at this festival? There were readings, debates, talks, poetry recitals and lots of other forms of entertainment that kept individuals and families entertained. If you are a writer, then you would have seen many different things that could help you improve your skills. The range of writers at the Auckland writers festival 2018 were more diverse than ever before, writing on a variety of subjects and over 73,000 fans turned up to experience what was on offer.

While you might not immediately recognise the names of some of the authors at this event, when you see and hear their book, there is no doubt that you will know their work. There is so much that goes on in Auckland throughout the year that celebrates writers and other talents like comedians and singers. If you have missed out on the Auckland writers festival, be sure to explore it next year but in the meantime, there are lots of other events that should keep you entertained in the city.