New Zealand Red Cross book sale proves popular

Physical books might be dying out but The Red Cross is aiming to stop that and earn money for charity at the same time. There are books a plenty available during the weekend of September 14th – 17th in Timaru at the book sale. The event happens on a yearly basis and is run primarily by volunteers who live in and care about the local area. The thousands of books are donated by the general public and the mountains are then sorted into categories by the volunteers who are dedicated to this event and what it can achieve.

People are still dropping off books for the event on the Friday so a large number of volunteers are needed to sort out these books ready to price and go on sale by the Saturday. There are many people who help out year after year including one gentleman who has been doing so for 35 years. There is a real sense of community in this city in New Zealand and the way that everybody comes together for this book sale is proof of that.

Buying books that have been used is much better than purchasing them new. Knowing that they have been loved before you and they will be cherished by you too is a great feeling. If you happen to be in Timaru any time during the following years when the book sale is going ahead, it’s definitely worth a browse. Knowing that the proceeds of any money earned is going to the Red Cross, which is such a valuable cause is great. The money is spent around the South Canterbury area to do good for anybody that needs it who might be less privileged than you. The book sale is open up 5pm on the Saturday and Sunday and 3pm on the Monday.