Judges announced for 2019 Ockham Book Awards

The 2018 Ockham book awards have only recently finished but already the details for the 2019 awards are being revealed. This year’s award ceremony that celebrates literature from around the country was bigger and better than ever before, with deserving winners getting crowned for their contribution to the world of writing. Books and reading in general is very important for kiwis and this is what the awards celebrate.

A total of twelve judges are going to be deciding the winners for the 2019 Ockham Book Awards. These judges have been carefully selected and they are a combination of writers, poets, academics and respected professionals from the community who are fully qualified to make the decision. Some of the judges including respected writer Rachael King, writer and lecturer James George and journalist Sally Blundell. There is always going to be an extra special mystery judge whose identity is not going to be revealed until March 2019. This international judge will choose the ultimate winner from the other judges shortlist that will be comprised of four candidates.

In regards to the poetry category, three poets will narrow down the playing field and go on to chose the ultimate winner. These individuals are Karlo Mila, Airini Beautrais and Bryan Walpert. Karlo actually won an award back in 2015 for the collection entitled “Dream Fish Floating”. Some other judges that are going to be working hard to decide the winners in the other categories include Rebecca Priestley, Karl Chitham, Angela Wanhalla, Douglas Lloyd Jenkins, Bruce Caddy and Lucy Hammonds.

The chairman of the awards has said that many of the judges in the 2019 awards are previous winners, so who better to check out the different candidates and decide the best? The Ockham Book Awards 2019 are sure to be as good as ever, with a number of talents fighting for the converted titles.