Books about Gambling

There are thousands of books out there on a range of different subjects including gambling. If you enjoy gambling and you are pretty serious about it, the following books could help you out or at least provide you with some kind of entertainment.

  • Gambling 102: The Best Strategies for all Casino Games written by M. Shackleford

It is true that many casino games are based around luck but there are strategies that can improve the way you play and make you more likely to win. A lot of research has gone into this book including scientific and mathematical to ensure you get the results you need. The chapters are easy to follow so be prepared to get lost in Gambling 102 before your new trip to the casino.

  • A Man for All Markets by Edward E. Thorp

This book is basically a biography by the man who invented card counting and therefore changed the world of Blackjack, Poker and other games forever. While this book doesn’t give away every secret, it is a thoroughly entertaining read. If you don’t get enough valuable information from this book, you can always visit for more advice on gambling.

  • Doyle Brunson’s Super System by Doyle Brunson

The author of this book is one of the best known poker players of all time so if that is your game of choice, it’s definitely a book to add to your collection. It includes explanations of all the different poker games and how you can play them well to sway the odds in your favour.

  • Blood Aces by Doug J. Swanson

While this book might seem like a work of fiction, it is 100% real life and is guaranteed to amaze you. Blood Aces tells the story of a mob boss and casino owner and it aims to spill all the industries secrets.