Best kids books in 2018

It isn’t just us adults who need to read to keep our minds sharp. It’s also really important that children do the same. Here you can find some of the best books of 2018 that your little ones should be interested in picking up. Getting your child some books for their collection shouldn’t hugely damage your bank account and they are valuable investments.

  • Can I Join Your Club by John Kelly

This is an absolutely beautiful story that teaches children to be friendly and unite with everyone. Duck wants to join a club but he doesn’t have what it takes to be part of the lions, elephants or any of the other animals. The creature decides to start his own club and proudly announces that anyone can join.

  • Do Not Open This Book by Michaela Muntean

What a title for a book right? And the story is even better! As your child turns the pages of this book they will discover that a pig is still trying to write the story. By the time the last page is revealed, it’s obvious that the story has already taken place and your little one will be thrilled to discover they helped write it.

  • Douglas, You Need Glasses by Ged Adamson

This is a really funny story and will have kids laughing all the way through. It tells the story of a dog who really needs glasses. Douglas is getting himself into a whole bunch of silly situations because of his bad eyesight and in the end, he is sorted out with a pair that fit him perfectly.

  • Grumpy Frog’ by Ed Vere

He loves everything green and froggy but everything else makes this character very grumpy. What happens when grumpy frog stumbles upon a pink rabbit? This story teaches kids about compromise and acceptance, which is a great message to have.