Best gambling books

Below you can find a list of some of the best gambling books that are available. These are all different and while some of which offer you an in-depth guide to the casino, others are pure fiction but super fun to read.

  • Dice Angel by Brian Rouff

This is the fictional story of a man in Las Vegas who owns a bar, the book starts with his establishment getting robbed leaving him $12,000 down. He needs money and fast, in comes the “Dice Angel” who promises to help him win big at craps. Will she save the day or will he end up worse than before? The story is absolutely amazing with lots of twists and turns along the way. You might very well feel like a game of craps by the time you reach the conclusion! You could always use the JackpotCity online casino app to play that or another game that is available.

  • American Casino Guide by Steve Bourie

This is one of the best selling gambling books on the market and a new edition is released every single year. The 2018 version has all the tips and tricks needed to beat the casino in addition to the low down on over 750 casinos across 14 states. You are going to want to read this book from start to end and hopefully it will make you more confident in the casino.

  • The Man with the $100,000 Breasts by Michael Konik

The stories in this book seem too good to be true but they are and they are sure to make you gasp out loud. This is a collection of stories, with the main one being a gambler having breast implants put into his body in exchange for cash. Strangely enough, he loved them and kept them for over 20 years.