The Kiwis, in general, have such a sense of community, no matter what part of New Zealand they are from, and literature from the country is just one of many things that helps bring them together. New Zealand literature first came about in the early to mid-nineteenth century, and since then, it has evolved through the whole range of different styles that have come and gone. The literary scene in New Zealand covers a huge variety of subjects, including life, history and culture in the country, in addition to other issues that are appropriate all around the world. From romance, crime, horror, sci-fi and a whole lot more, you can find a range of fantastic fiction from New Zealand authors, that might be exactly what you fancy. Whether you like to read books in physical form, or you prefer some kind of reading device, the opportunities are endless.

There are authors from New Zealand who write novels and are celebrated for their work in the number of events and awards that take place around the country on a yearly basis. There are authors in different forms around New Zealand, including playwrights and poets. Probably the most successful play-writer in the country is a talented man called Roger Hall. Some well-known novelists include Patricia Grace, Maurice Gee, Janet Frame, Margaret May, and more. Their books are renowned, not just throughout New Zealand, but all over the world.

While awards are given out to the best of the best, many events in New Zealand celebrate up and coming talent, that is appearing throughout the country. The public is invited to these, to check out some of the fantastic writers that are from New Zealand, and other countries around the world. There is no doubt that the literary scene is varied and exciting.