There is nothing quite like a visit to a bookshop to check out what is available in terms of old and new books. There are many amazing bookshops dotted all around New Zealand that offer you the full experience. Some of the best ones are as follows.

  • Unity books, Auckland

This is a bookshop located in The High Street in Auckland, it is super cosy and very popular amongst fans of reading in the area and tourists. This shop has been around since 1989 and it contains the latest releases, classics and lesser known novels that are sure to blow your mind. The entire atmosphere to Unity Books is electric and friendly.

  • The open book, Auckland

This bookshop is found in Ponsonby and it is packed high full of books that we are sure you will want to read. The entire decor both on the inside and the outside of the open book is really appealing. It brings a real rustic bookshop feel to it.

  • The women’s bookshop, Auckland

This is an independent bookstore in Auckland and focuses on celebrate women authors from around the world. This is a really inspiring place to visit and while it might be slightly different from other bookshops, it is definitely worth a visit if you are female.

  • All booked, Waikato

If you are looking for books that are not as well known, this bookshop is the ideal stop off point. There are a range of novels here both old and new and with new book deliveries on a regular basis.

  • Book Haven, Wellington

This small bookshop in Wellington is really cosy and will make you feel right at home. So relax as you enjoy the many books that are available to purchase here. There is a great atmosphere that bookworms are sure to love.