If you are a bookworm, ordering your books online is a great idea to add to your reading material. Sometimes, when you visit a bookshop, they might not have the books you want in stock. When ordering online, there is so much more choice, and you are more likely to find what you want, at reasonable prices. If you are ordering books in New Zealand, the following websites are recommended.

  • Mighty Ape; www.mightyape.co.nz

Mighty Ape is a really cool website that has a range of books available that are popular around the world. This company really cares about customer satisfaction, and they have an excellent reputation. They have regular sales so you can get quality books at affordable prices.

  • Paper Plus; www.paperplus.co.nz

New Zealand’s leading retailer for books, is also available to shop at online, with the added convenience of getting your order shipped to the front door. This is a site that is really easy to navigate, and with literally millions of books, you will no doubt find what you are seeking, even if it is not overly popular at other bookstores.

  • Trade Me; www.trademe.co.nz

Trade Me is a website where you can buy and sell books; this is great if you want to pay rock-bottom prices. Purchasing books that have already been preloved is an excellent idea because it means that you are helping the environment, and also gives the book a new home, where it is going to be read, and appreciated, once more. If you have any books that are no longer required, you could even sell them on this site to make a little extra cash.

  • Amazon; www.amazon.com

Amazon is obviously a site that is well known over the world, not just in New Zealand. You can buy books here, and there is a wide variety available.