Kiwis are known for many things but writing might not be one of them. There are actually many famous authors from New Zealand however. You might not even be aware that some of your favourite books or movies/shows that have been created from books were actually written by talented people from New Zealand, so let’s have a look at just a few of them.

  • Joy Cowley

Cassia Joy Cowley is more commonly known as Joy Cowley and she started off writing adult books but she is now more well known for being a children’s author. Some of her most famous books include Snake and Lizard, Nest is a falling tree, The Hungry Giant and more. Her unique style and no nonsense attitude is what makes her so popular.

  • Richard O’Brien

Richard Timothy Smith is better known as Richard O’Brien and he is a talented writer and author from New Zealand. The most famous work that you might know him for is The Rocky Horror Picture show, which he actually wrote and he even appeared in the movie as the character “Riff Raff”.

  • Robyn Donald

Robyn Donald is a very skilled author who actual writes for the Mills and Boons series, with everything to do with romance definitely being her forte. Some of her most famous works include Paradise Lost, A Spanish Vengeance, Wolfe’s Temptress and more.

  • Hugh Walpole

The family of this English novelist wanted him to experience a career in the church but he felt his calling was in writing and that definitely turned out to be true. He was actually one of the best selling authors from the 20s and 30s. Some of his best pieces include The Wooden Horse and Portrait of a Man with Red Hair. His spooky gothic horror novels and sure to thrill and amaze you.