There are many authors in New Zealand, some of their books might even be lurking in your collection without you realising! No matter what kind of books you like reading, you are sure to find it in this collection. Let’s take a look at just some of the writers from the country.

  • Catherine Chidgey

This talented writer has always had a passion for writing and this is apparent in her novels. Her first story was titled “In a fishbone church” and it tells an amazing story of loss and discovery. Catherine has won awards for her work and she is still going strong by writing thought provoking and interesting books for fans around the world.

  • Cherry Wilder

Born in Auckland, Cherry Wilder excelled in the genre of science fiction and wrote over 50 short stories and novels throughout her lifetime. Some of her most famous pieces which wowed fans around the world includes “The Nearest Fire” and “Point of Departure”.

  • Damien Wilkins

This extremely talented writer from New Zealand has published a number of short stories, novels and even some poems. “Somebody Loves Us All” is an amazing novel and some of his shorter tales include “For everyone concerned and other stories”.

  • Elizabeth Knox

This author has 11 successful novels and has won a variety of awards for her work. “The Vintner’s Luck” is definitely the most popular and has even been printed in 9 different languages. Some other of her books include “Mortal Fire” and “Glamour and the sea”.

  • Gary Forrester

There is no end to this guys talents, he works as a composer, musician, academic, poet and novelist. His novels include “The Connoisseur of Love” and “Begotten, Not Made”. His work is usually based around love, music and adventures, they are extremely relatable and include a little autobiographical injection from Gary.