Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and there are many amazing places to explore in the city. These are actually many authors that are from Wellington but you can also find books that are about this tranquil but lively city. If you have an upcoming trip to Wellington and want to know a little more about the location, here are some books that you should check out.

  • Lonely Planet New Zealand by Charles Rawlings-Way

There is no doubt that Lonely Planet is the world’s best travel guide publisher and this book focuses purely on New Zealand (including Wellington of course). You can discover what kind of amazing sights are in the area; this guide is up to date and contains all the relevant information so that you can plan your trip around Wellington right down to the very last detail.

  • The Rough Guide to New Zealand by Paul Whitfield

This book is only available in eBook format and it gives you the full rundown on the beautiful country that is New Zealand. The coloured photographs included in this guide will take your breath away and the amazing thing is, the country is even more eye catching in real life. You will learn all about the well known landmarks in Wellington and some hidden gems that not many people know about.

  • New Zealand The Great Walks by Alexander Stewart

If you are interesting in visiting New Zealand for the great outdoors then this book is ideal for any explorers out there who love to walk in new places. Discover some of the best trails in the entire world, including countries like New Zealand as you visit amazing places that are like no other. The walking trails in this book have been recommended and approved by the Department of Conservation of NZ.